About me

My name is Germano Mariniello (you can call me Mano), art director, 3D illustrator and motion designer. I’m from my insides, but also I've been working in London for a few years and now based in Spain.

As an art director, my challenge is to find a vision that helps to develop the project, design the visual style/system more suitable for the job, define destiny and also drive the team along this path.

I’m a generalist at heart so I feel comfortable about being part of every step of a project: since developing a creative idea, also directing a team or to put my hands on compositing and animation to get the job done.

I do create for motion on any surface. My experience has been to do designs in a wide range of media. If you are interested in anything that you've seen here or would like to know more about me, drop me a line or give me a call and I’ll be happy to geek out with you.